function. quality. beauty.

The rubric of Function, Quality, and Beauty governs my work. Each piece I build adheres to these features closely. In every step of my creative process, from inception to completion, I let these terms guide my hand to create a piece that will stand the test of time.

I specialize in locally harvested, solid wood which allows me to create pieces that stem from natural, renewable resources. My studio in Upstate NY places me close to the source of many of these materials. Coupling amazing access to materials with a melding of traditional and modern techniques, allows the creation of truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

As a furniture maker, I am entirely self-taught. Starting in my early adolescent years, building rustic tables and chairs entirely by hand, my passion and desire to enhance my craft has shown through. Allowing my higher education training to inform design and construction techniques, I have produced a unique style consisting of traditional and experimental elements.




Nestled in the catskill Mountains.

Fieldstone Artistry is based in Sullivan County, NY just 90 miles northwest of Manhattan. Our studio, which we built in 2013, is tucked between the trees of our property.



Shows & Exhibitions

Where to see our work


2018/19 show prospectus

American Craft Council - Baltimore - February 21-25

Philadelphia Furniture Show - April 13-15

Crafts at Lyndhurst - MAy 4-6

Woodstock-New Paltz Art & Craft Fair - May 26-28

Rhinebeck Crafts Festival - June 23-24

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair - July 19-22

Woodstock-New Paltz Art & Craft Fair- September 1-3

Adirondack Rustic Furniture Fair - September 8-9

Craft Westport - November 3-4

Fine Furnishings Show - November 9-11

Craftforms-Wayne Art Center - December 8-January 26, 2019

PAradise City Marlboro - March 21-24, 2019




“… juxtaposing curves & straight lines into singular forms”

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“Exaltations of form and function…”

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Best - BR Delaney.JPG

Best in Show - Design

Fulcrum - 2018 Fine Furnishings Show

2017 Best BR Delaney copy.jpg

Best In Show - Accessory

Twilight Pendant Lamp - 2017 Fine Furnishings Show